Industrial Safety Services Provided

Palero provides industrial safety and safety engineering services to a variety of manufacturing sectors in Canada and the U.S. We offer a wide range of industrial safety services, either directly or through our associate engineers.

Pre-Start Health & Safety Reviews (Ontario)

In Ontario, Pre-Start Health & Safety Reviews (PSR/PSHSR) are required for new or modified machines or processes that meet specific circumstances. We can review your machine or process to determine if a PSR is required, then provide the review and report. For new machines, a review at the manufacturer’s location may be beneficial. Reviews can be done on new equipment at the manufacturer’s location in Canada, U.S. or Europe.

General Safety Reviews & Machine Guarding Evaluations

In both Canada and the U.S.A. an employer has a general duty of care to ensure that workers will be protected when they use any machine or process in the workplace. Our engineers can provide physical machine and process safeguarding audits, safe distance and machine stop time analysis. We have extensive experience developing engineered solutions pertaining to Ministry of Labour orders, CSA requirements and OSHA requirements.

Electrical Classifications for Hazardous Areas

Storing or dispensing flammable liquids, as well as processes with a risk of ignition or explosion require specially designed equipment and installation techniques to protect against explosions. We can review and evaluate industrial processes, providing electrical classifications for the hazardous areas, for ESA electrical code compliance using NFPA and other standards.

Dust Collectors and Combustible Dusts

Any activity that creates dust should be investigated to see if there is a risk of that dust being combustible. Our engineers can review processes involving combustible dusts, including dust collectors, and determine compliance to Ontario Regulations with reference to Ontario Fire Code, OESC and NFPA Standards.

Structural and Racking Analysis

Racking systems used to store materials, as well as lifting devices and automotive lifts are triggers requiring a Pre Start Health and Safety Review. We have teamed up with AmEng to provide racking and structure analysis solutions. Please contact us for a referral.

Industrial Hygiene and Noise Audits

Environmental factors or stressors in the workplace can cause adverse health effects in the workplace. Pinnacle Engineering Solutions can assist you in identifying, evaluating and controlling these stressors at your workplace.


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